Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

A project of this size was always going to need an advanced PDMS system and that is where Brookfield Multiplex believed that Zutec had the solution. This would be attributed mainly due to the scale of the project, but also, the types of Fabric & Services installed on this project are very advanced/modern.

From the ETFE roofing to the Helipad, and the AGV underground system to the Building Maintenance Unit, this is a very modern project and the client needed an advanced handover facility like the Zutec system to match.

The Zutec System on the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital is mainly used as a Project Database Management System & Online Collaborative tool for completing and sharing Operation & Maintenance Manuals.

The setup here also assists with Project Handover by eliminating hard copy delivery. Zutec on the Glasgow Project ensured timely completion O&M Manuals, As Built Drawings, Health & Safety files, Building Log Books, Asset & Equipment Schedules and Compliance Documentation.

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