Task Management

Easily capture any type of data whilst in the field – reducing errors and improving productivity. Defects / Punch List / Snags, Quality Inspections, Test & Commissioning Data and Safety Hazards can be captured, managed and retrieved in real time.  

Use pre-configured templates or customize your own to capture and track the exact information required through each stage of your project.  Create defects, punch, and snag lists and create non-conformance reports directly in the field.  Attach and mark up images. Create bespoke workflows automate review and approval cycles.  

Utilise QR codes/Barcodes for ease of room/area identification.  Access real time reporting in multiple formats. 



  • Efficient capture of information from onsite
  • A single source of truth for management 
  • Improve productivity
  • Time management efficiency 



  • Bespoke reporting 
  • Available in both iOS and Android formats  
  • For use online and offline where no Wi-Fi or 4G coverage is available 
  • Allocate tasks using customised workflows to ensure identified issues are actioned 
  • Build customised digital forms  
  • Retrieve information in the field by scanning barcodes, QR codes or RFID tags to avoid searching for data 
  • Access analytical and dashboard reports for instant snapshots of progress  
  • Attach multiple images to each item of data 
  • Add digital signatures 
  • Drop pins on drawings to identify observation location 


Check out some Zutec enabled projects where the elements in Task Management are utilised:




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