How do I bulk update records?

Learn how to Update Existing Records via Excel

Editing single records on Zutec Online is very simple. However, if you need to update multiple records it may become tedious. 

In order to combat this, you can update multiple records (or a single record) via Excel to expedite the process.


Please note: you may not be able to update records via Excel depending on the table type or your permission level.


In summary, use Excel export to download the records you wish to update. Make the required changes to your file, and then use Excel Import to import the changes.

Export Data

Navigate to the relevant table and export the data by clicking the Excel export button.



You must tick the boxes against ‘Include Table UIDs’ and ‘Include Record UIDs’ prior to clicking ‘Create Excel File’. Including this option allows you to update the existing records.


Please note: failure to include the Record UIDs will result in the duplication of records if a file is imported without these columns.



Once the Excel report has been created, open it by clicking on the file name. You will need to select Microsoft Excel as the program if requested.



Import Data

Once you have opened the file, delete the 'Review Status' and the 'Reviewed At' columns (columns A&B), if they exist.


Please note: do not adjust the data in the fld_uid or fld_nodeid columns.



Now make the required changes and then save the Excel file to your computer. If the table contains dropdown options, you must ensure that any changes to these fields match the dropdown options in Zutec or you will receive an error. Always consider the data integrity when adjusting the data. For instance, use capital letters throughout consistently. This will ensure the data set is easy to search and filter for all users.


Once you are ready to import your changes, navigate back to your table in Zutec and click the ‘Options’ tab at the top of the screen.



Under the 'Table Data Options' section, click 'Excel Import'.



Click ‘Browse…’, navigate to and select your file. Then click ‘Open’.



Then click ‘Upload File’.



If the following alert message appears, simply click ‘Save’.



You will see the following message if your file was imported successfully.



You may receive an error if your file contains any incorrect data. The error will contain the row number of your spreadsheet that contains the error. If there is a date field, ensure it is correctly formatted as a date field in excel (not as text).

Return to the table to see the updates to the data.