When uploading a file what do 'Supersede Files' and 'Auto Rename Files' mean?

Uploading Files to a Zutec Record

When uploading a file to a record there are two options available; 'Auto Rename Files' and 'Supersede Files'.


Please note: You may not be able to add a file to certain records, based on the table type or your permission level.


Auto Rename Files: When this option is selected the attached file is uploaded with a 5-figure number sequence after the original name of the file (e.g. filename_12345.pdf).


Supersede Files: When this option is selected the same file type and file name remain the same and gives it a new upload number and supersedes the existing attached file without changing the name on the file.



As default, 'Auto Rename Files' is the option.

To upload a file (or multiple files), firstly make a selection of either 'Auto Rename Files' or 'Supersede Files'.

Then click the 'Select Files' button to open the file explorer. Find and select the appropriate file(s).

Wait for the upload process to finish.

Press 'Save' to apply the file(s) to the record.



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