Zutec Security Measures

ISO 27001 Certified

Zutec is now ISO 27001 Certified which signifies the proper management and security of our Clients information and data.

Access Control

Zutec has an advanced access control system which allows over 58 permissions that can be applied to any individual user account or system module.


Zutec uses industry standard encryption when transmitting and receiving data from stakeholders.


Zutec uses Palo Alto Next Generation Firewalls to protect its data centre networks from cyber security threats.

Physical Security

All Zutec servers are hosted in secure data centres all around the globe. Each data centre has ISO 27001 accreditation.


Zutec's software platform security is externally audited by a third party security partner on a bi-annual basis.


Zutec's software and servers are monitored by industry-standard and best-practice solutions.