What is a review status?

Learn what a Zutec Review Status is

For certain Zutec modules, a review process may be applied to Zutec records. A review process is a series of steps/statuses designed to move records through a workflow, potentially involving different parties.

For example, an O&M Manual may be uploaded by a subcontractor and then need to be reviewed by the head contractor, then a consultant, and then the client.


Review processes are totally bespoke to a project, meaning that the name and number of steps required, the groups involved, notifications and permissions can all be configured to suit the project's needs. 


Please note: you will only see the review steps applicable to you, as determined by the head contractor.


Zutec records may be set automatically or need to be manually assigned, depending on the process or project. 


For information about how to apply a review status to a record, click here.