How do I remove the email notification popup after I have changed the status of a record?

Learn how to Remove the Prompt to Notify Users after Reviewing a Record

By default on Zutec Online, you will be prompted to notify users via Zutec Mail after you have changed the status of a Zutec record.



Please note: you may not be able to change the status of records, depending on the Zutec module and your permission level.

On some Zutec modules there may be automatic notifications generated when a status is changed, therefore it may not be necessary to manually notify other project members of the change.


To turn off the popup, click 'Account Settings' in the left-hand menu.


Unselect the tick box next to the 'Prompt to email users after reviewing records' option.



Then click 'Save Settings'.

The next time you review a record, the popup won't appear.