Project Selection Menu

Select a Project From Your List of Available Projects

The Project Selection menu becomes available upon signing in when you have access to multiple projects.

Therefore, if you are only part of one Zutec project, you will be taken straight to the Project Home page.

The Project Selection menu contains your list of available projects, with the ability to search via the search bar. Once you have located your project, click the relevant option and you will be taken to the Project Home page.



If you have been a member of two projects and have been added to another project, you will need to click the blue 'Refresh Projects' button at the top. Please wait for the page to reload and the new project option(s) will appear in the list.

If you need to change your password, click the blue 'Change Password' button at the top of the page.

To sign out of Zutec, click the blue 'Sign Out' button at the top of the page.