Project Home Page

Navigating the Zutec Home Page

The Zutec Online Project Home page is where you are first directed to when logging in.


It consists of the following sections:

  1. Folder tree: The folder tree is where all information is stored, in a series of folders, tables and hyperlinks.
  2. Settings and Mail: Various settings such as changing your password and account settings, as well as dedicated area for sending and receiving Zutec Mail.
  3. Menu bar: Contains project name, links to Home, Mail and Sign out. The Search bar searches data across all tables. If you have access to multiple projects, a link to the Project Selection page will appear.
  4. Account Controls shortcuts: Shortcuts to sections within the Settings area.
  5. Additional shortcuts: This area contains any shortcuts to folders or tables within the folder tree.


For more information on navigating through the Zutec folder tree, click here.