Microsoft Power BI Reports

Learn how Power BI is used to Summarise Zutec Data

For some Zutec modules, a Power BI report is used to summarise data in a clear and concise format. A report may be accessed via a hyperlink in the Zutec Online folder tree.


Please note: you may not be able to see a Power BI report, depending on the Zutec modules used on your project or your permission level.


Power BI may be used for both Handover or Onsite modules (such as O&M Manuals or Defects Management). Reports may have different functions or be formatted differently, depending on your Region.



Interacting with Reports

Charts are interactive and can be used to filter and navigate through the report. There may be a series of filters to filter the data on the page/report. If there are multiple pages of a report, navigation buttons will appear at the bottom of the report. 



Some charts may have the Drillthrough feature available, allowing you to analyse one section of your data in more detail. For example, in a Defects report, you may be able to Drillthrough on a particular Subcontractor, taking you through to a more in-depth analysis of that subcontractor.

To activate Drillthrough on a chart where it is available, right-click on one section of the data (e.g. the column chart for one subcontractor) and hover over 'Drillthrough'. Then click on the name of the tab where the in-depth analysis will take place.



From here, you will be taken to a new page to explore your selection further.


The Drill Down feature may also be used on some reports to delve deeper into the data, based on a defined hierarchy. For example, a Defects Register may be used where there is a list of Areas within a Level. Drill Down could therefore be used to view the Areas within the respective Level.

To activate Drill Down on a chart where it is available, click the Drill Down arrow in the top-right corner. 



Then click the column you wish to see the next layer for.

The below chart shows the Areas contained within Level L00.


To return to the previous layer, click the Drill Up arrow in the top-left corner of the chart.



To view a chart in full screen, Focus Mode can be activated by clicking the button at the top-right of any chart.



To return to the report, click the 'Back to report' button at the top of the Focus Mode graph.



Data Refreshing

Data will be refreshed at set intervals, rather than being instantly refreshed.


If you experience any issues or have any questions with a report, please contact your Zutec Admin or Raise a Support Ticket.