How do I order records within a table?

Learn how to Set the Default Order and Sort Records on Zutec Online

Default Order

To set the default order in which records are sorted for all users, use the Default Ordering function.


Please note: You may not have access to set the Default Ordering, depending on your permission level. 


If you do have access, right-click on the table within the folder tree and click 'More Options'.

Within the Data Table Options section, click 'Set Default Ordering'.



By default, a table is ordered by Timestamp in Descending order.

Via the first dropdown, select the field which is to be sorted. Via the second dropdown, select either Ascending or Descending order.

Once you have made the selection(s), click 'Save'. You will then see the records sorted when returning to the table view.



You can also use the sorting function to sort your data by any field within a table. Data is sorted alphanumerically in either ascending or descending order. 


The two arrows pointing up and down indicate a field that is not currently sorted.



To sort a field in ascending order, click the two arrows (above) once.



To sort a field in descending order, click the two arrows (above) twice).



For more information about sorting data within a table, click here.