Navigating the Zutec Online Folder Tree

Find Your Way Around the Folder Tree via Folders, Tables and Hyperlinks.

The Zutec Online folder tree consists of three major components;

  • folders,
  • tables and
  • hyperlinks.


Folder Open2


Please note: you may not see these three components, depending on the project and you permission level.



Folders can contain a mixture of other folders, tables and hyperlinks (and other components not discussed in this article).

A folder is denoted by the following icon in the folder tree:




If the folder contains other sections (e.g. a table) then the name of the folder will be in solid black (as above). If the folder is empty, then the folder name will be greyed out.

To open the folder, simply click on it and the contents will be revealed.


Tables are where data is uploaded to and managed. They can be accessed by multiple people (with defined permissions). Our various mobile applications can manage data within tables as well.

A table is denoted by the following icon in the folder tree:




If the table contains data then the name of the table will be in solid back (as above). If the table is empty, then the table name will be greyed. If a review process is applied to the table and all records within the table are the same review status, a dot will appear next to the table name (the dot colour matches the applied review status).


Hyperlinks can be a link to an external file, dashboard report, website, or generate an email.

A hyperlink is denoted by the following icon in the folder tree:


The name of the hyperlink will detail what the link contains. To access the link, simply click it.