How do I add a record?

Learn how to add a Record to a Zutec Online Table

To add a record to a Zutec Online table, click the 'New Record' button at the top of a table.



Please note: you may not be able to add a record, depending on the table type and your permission level.


The New Record screen will open on the right. Add the applicable data to the required fields.



There may be different types of fields, affecting how data is input. Some fields may be greyed-out, meaning that text can't be entered (it may be entered automatically by Zutec, or based on changing a Review Status, for example).



Where a dropdown selection is available, the field will look like the following:



To make a selection within a dropdown field, click the down arrow and click on the required item within the list.


Click 'Save' once all data has been entered.