I can't find the right Zutec project?

Learn how to Find Your Zutec Project

When you have access to only one Zutec project, you will be taken directly to the Project Home Page upon signing in on Zutec Online.


When you are part of two Zutec projects, you will be taken to the Project Selection Menu upon signing in, where you will see your available projects in a list.



If you have access to more than two projects, you will need to click 'Refresh Projects' after each time you have been added to a new project. Any new projects should then appear in the list.


Use the search bar at the top of the Project Selection Menu to search for a project.



When using any of Zutec's mobile applications, you will automatically see all of your projects after signing in.


To learn how to switch between projects once signed in, click here.


If you have any issues accessing a project or believe you need access to another Zutec project, please notify your onsite Super User, Zutec Admin, or Raise a Support Ticket.