Microsoft Excel Reports

Learn how Excel is used to Summarise Zutec Data

For some Zutec modules, an Excel report is used to summarise data in a clear and concise format. A report may be accessed via a hyperlink in the Zutec Online folder tree.


Please note: you may not be able to see an Excel report, depending on the Zutec modules used on your project or your permission level.


Excel may be used for Zutec both Handover or Onsite modules (such as O&M Manuals and  Defects Management). Reports may have different functions or be formatted differently, depending on your Region.



An example of an O&M Manual report.



An example of a Defect report.



An example of an Area Completion report.


There may be a series of filters to filter the data on the page/report. If there are multiple pages of a report, tabs will appear at the bottom of the report. 


Data will be instantly refreshed.


If you experience any issues or have any questions with a report, please contact your Zutec Admin or Raise a Support Ticket.