How do I copy records from one table to another?

Learn how to Copy one or Multiple Records from a Zutec Table to Another Table

The Copy Records function allows you to copy selected records from one table to another table, providing the table types are the same (i.e. the fields in both tables match). For example, you may want to do this if there is data relevant to two O&M Manuals which you are responsible for.


Please note: you may not be able to copy records, depending on your permission level. You must have Edit access to the tables you are copying from and to.


Firstly, right-click on the table you are copying records to, and click 'More Options'. Under the General section, set the 'Set Record Linking' switch to 'On'.



Next, click on the table where the records are to be copied from. Select the record(s) to be copied via the checkbox next each record. If all records are to be copied, select the checkbox at the top of the table.



At the top of the table, click the 'Actions' dropdown, and then 'Copy Records'.



The Copy Records screen will open. Under the 'Select table to copy records to' section, tick the applicable table to copy the records to. Then click 'Copy Records'.

The record data (and attachments) will be copied.



Please note: any review data associated with the original records will not be copied to the new data.