Completion Report

Learn how to Generate the In-built Completion Report

One of the reports built in to Zutec Online is the Completion Report. This shows the status and number of records within a table, potentially across multiple folders, enabling you to monitor the progress of records within a review process. One of the main Zutec modules you may want to use the Completion Report for is O&M Manuals.



Please note: you may not be able to create a report, based on the module and your permission level.


To generate a Completion Report, right-click on a folder which contains a series of folders and tables and click 'More Options'. For example, you would click on the Services folder in an O&M Manual to generate a report to summarise all tables within the Services manuals.



Under 'Report Options', press 'Create Report'.



Under 'Completion Report', press 'Generate Report'.



Select the folders you wish to view the statuses for and click 'Create Report'.



The status(es) of the records in each table, as well as the number of records and files are shown in a table format.



Press the PDF symbol at the top of the page to generate a PDF of the report.