Restoration / Conservation Process Tracking

Manage components of your restoration project that typically require specialised repair.  Identify and record detail of applicable conservation process. Digitise records for access via mobile devices.  Capture, monitor and manage the entire workflow and logistics of each individual component for repair or replacement. 

Pin required data to a digital layout for ease of access and close out. View dashboards for quick identification of progress.  Track the volume of repairs and associated cost. 

Can include but not limited to stonework, cast iron roofing, glass panels, clockwork, doors/joinery. 



  • Manage your heritage listed project in the Cloud 
  • Identify members / components that need to be repaired and what conservation process has been applied to it 
  • Monitor the complete history and logistics; tracking where a component has been in its repair or replacement cycle 
  • Insights and dashboards to identify how many components / members have been repaired and any associate cost / commercial impacts being triggered 



  • Your supply chain’s member record sheets, digitised and available on mobile devices 
  • Bespoke workflow configurations allowing total visibility of the conservation process 
  • Pin to plan capability allowing observations to be tagged to their location
  • Track: 
    • Stonework
    • Cast Iron Roofing
    • Glass Panels
    • Clockwork
    • Doors / Joinery
    • Any Process


Check out a Zutec enabled project where Restoration/Conservation Process Tracking was utilised:

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