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Very few know how it feels to go all the way to Wembley and get a dream result. With the help of Zutec, Quintain has done just that. Using our full suite of solutions, it streamlined information management throughout construction, handover and operation on the UK’s largest ever build to rent estate. Delivering more than 6,000 safe, secure and comfortable homes at Wembley Park feels like the ultimate victory after the perfect team performance.


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For Zutec, this wasn’t the first time we’d gone to Wembley and tasted success. Over the last 14 years we’ve been involved in a number of revitalisation projects in the area, including our role as the overarching construction management software provider for the iconic Wembley Stadium. So when Quintain, the multi award-winning developer and owner/manager of built to rent (BTR) property, contacted us about the Wembley Park project, it felt as though we were on home turf.

This ambitious project would deliver 8,500 new homes including 6,014 BTR properties which Quintain Living would be managing itself. If those numbers sound impressive it’s because they are. Wembley Park is the UK’s largest BTR estate and as such, the scale of the information management challenge was vast.

Quintain initially selected Zutec BIM to collate and review its entire catalogue of BIM (Building Information Modelling) data for the estate.
Citing seamless functionality, the ability to collate massive amounts of data, flexible configuration options and the software’s capacity to align their asset information with standards and regulations, the Quintain team was impressed. Extracting leverageable knowledge and insights on the development, they quickly realised the value of our solution in helping run the site more effectively.

Subsequently – in line with Quintain’s need to establish a ‘golden thread’ of information through planning, construction, handover and operation – Zutec’s role grew to cover the provision of full-lifecycle Asset Information Management solutions for the estate.

This immediately improved the breadth and accessibility of the data that the Quintain team could access, effectively creating a complete ‘digital twin’ for every single building. With comprehensive Handover and digital O&M information available, Quintain Living now has the ability to check everything right down to the fabric in the curtains and the paint on the walls – all at the click of a button.

Naturally, this level of detail brings huge efficiency gains during the facilities management term, for example when conducting repairs or renovation works between tenancies.

On a corporate level, Zutec has supported Quintain with its internal insight and decision-making processes, as well as communicating its commitment to transparency, compliance and quality. And on a human level, Wembley Park is a perfect example of a development designed, built and managed according to a new, more responsible and accountable way of doing business.

“Being able to collect and keep track of information in one user-friendly place is essential. What’s fantastic about the Zutec system is that it standardises the process, giving a complete, accurate picture, but also one that’s digestible to the estates team.”
Craig Stevens, Quintain Information Manager


Image by: Chris Winter / Quintain


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