11 May 2021 | Infrastructure / Residential

Cairn Homes

Cairn Homes is the leading homebuilder in Ireland, with a vision to be a guiding force in residential construction across the country. It develops homes, neighbourhoods and communities that people love. To maintain this position, they sought to increase productivity through the use of digital tools. As they researched a smarter way to manage their processes, the company chose Zutec to help make their information management more efficient, to streamline Quality Assurance/Quality Control and design processes, to implement a CDE, and to standardise numerous on-site processes.

Cairn Homes



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As part of their wider investment in business transformation in 2020, Cairn Homes wanted to enhance the company’s operational efficiencies, eradicating waste across all teams and sites. This included cutting down time spent on admin and repetitive processes, and implementing a system for smoother communication between the different parties involved in its large-scale projects.

Cairn Homes signed up to Zutec’s platform, with a focus on Zutec’s Cloud and Field modules. It integrates seamlessly with the company’s project management tool – a consolidated construction management template in use across all its sites. In combination with this, the Zutec platform has helped make the design stage of a project more collaborative, while standardising the various on-site processes, including staff induction, site resourcing, project inspections, activity tracking, and health & safety.

The Zutec quality assurance platform allows all project teams to keep a handle on project status, site resourcing, quality standards, plans, checklists, as well as version control for architectural drawings and 3D BIM models.

Project oversight has dramatically improved, as it’s become easier for Cairn Homes to monitor progress. The Zutec platform can be accessed via a mobile application, allowing for clear, real-time communication and collaboration. With remote checking of the data possible, even the snagging process can be handled from a distance. And as the different teams on Cairns’ projects collaborate via the CDE, accountability is automatically tracked; team members leave digital fingerprints as they complete tasks.

Cairn Homes has achieved the time and cost savings it was looking for on its quality assurance processes. The Zutec platform has streamlined everything from inspections, standardising checklists, raising snags to recording when issues have been solved. Zutec’s checklist dashboard has transformed a previously complex and laborious task into an intuitive, fluid process that minimises duplicates and errors.

The Zutec platform also improves build progress tracking. With live reporting, Cairn Homes can spot bottlenecks and remedy problems as they arise. Team members can easily retrieve reports to check if specific tasks have been completed within the right timeframes. Over time, data analytics will help the company enhance resource planning, cost control, and accurate scheduling of each stage of a build.

At the handover stage of each of Cairn Homes’ projects, all documentation, including operations manuals and maintenance guides, will be stored securely on the system. With the company’s commitment to data accuracy and the Golden Thread, this smooth handover is critical. It ensures the journey from design and specification through to operations is continuous, and that residents are provided with everything they need to maintain and enjoy their homes.

Cairn Homes is also using the Zutec platform to aid with onboarding site workers and health & safety processes. The software enables users to log personal questionnaire responses, share video training content and check that required certificates have been uploaded. Staff can also access it using biometrics such as eye-scanning, and the Zutec platform stores this vital information, using it for visibility of site attendance during the build.

Michael Stanley, Co-Founder and CEO of Cairn Homes, says: “Together with our ongoing business effectiveness projects, including standardisation of systems and processes, we are investing in the creation of a more unified product delivery platform to underpin our future scale.”

He continues: “Zutec’s configurability has allowed for a bespoke construction management system to be tailored to our unique requirements, and has allowed us to modernise our methods of construction through on-site inspections. This is a vital resource as we scale our business.”



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