22 Bishopsgate

22 Bishopsgate is a commercial skyscraper currently under construction in the City of London financial district and is set to stand 278m tall and 62 storeys. This prestigious project will be the second tallest building in the UK and is designed to offer a flexible workspace for all sizes and scales of businesses to work in.  The project was created in response to the major shifts in the way people work and live, brought about by cultural, demographic and technological advances in the world of work.

22 Bishopsgate


$£591 million

Gross Area

1273 sq ft

Who Was Involved

01. Architect

PLP Architecture

02. Services Engineer


03. Structural Engineer


04. Main Contractor


The 62-storey tower will be the first of its kind to house a fresh food market, innovation hub, gym, wellbeing retreat and spa, curated ‘art walk’, business club, cycle hub, destination restaurant, as well as the London’s highest free public viewing gallery. It will be the first UK tower to contain in excess of 100,000 sq ft of integrated amenity and social spaces, creating an inspiring, healthy and energising workplace for a vibrant and diverse business workforce of 12,000 people.

Multiplex are the main contractors on this project who in turn have contracted the Zutec platform for several of their processes. The Site Diary tool was used by all onsite staff to record the daily site activities and observations such subcontractor labour count, environmental observations, delays, progress etc.

The Snagging & Defects Management tool was used as the main Quality Assurance collaboration platform for the project. Multiplex used this to capture all tasks such as snags, defects, observations, incomplete works, outstanding works and clean up notices and raise them against the responsible subcontractors. The Client Representatives, Multiplex and all subcontractors use this tool to collaborate and resolve all issues captured onsite. The Task Management tool also provided detailed insights and analytics through the embedded and interactive dashboarding on the Zutec Platform.

With the main buildings superstructure comprising of a steel framed tower Zutec’s Crane Usage Register allow the Multiplex team to log and track the usage of the 5 Tower Cranes across the site.  Allowing them to reduce idle time, with real time reporting, insights and analytics and also back charge subcontractors for their usage. The façade on this project is a closed-cavity glazed curtain wall system which circulates air within the cavity and allows the building to have very clear glazing whilst meeting the environmental performance.

The Facade Progress Tracker was used to track the status of every facade element from manufacture to installation and final inspection. This was achieved using the Zutec Resolution tool and utilising the barcode scanning capabilities. All of the facade progress was displayed in real time through via a 3D BIM model using our Zutec Dimensions 3D model viewer.

The Zutec Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspections tool was used to digitise processes that were previously captured using paper, this enabled the workforce to use a more secure and efficient process to capture data. Various Quality and Compliance related checklists were created and inspections were carried out onsite using the Zutec Resolution app. Custom dashboards were also created to report on these newly digitised processes.

As with any multi million pound development, project handover is a key component in completion and the Zutec Digital Operation & Maintenance Manuals capturing platform was used as a collaboration tool for all subcontractors to upload all of the required handover information which is essential for a smooth handover and successful running of the building post-handover. All information uploaded was brought through a workflow and validated by the various certifiers. The Zutec Digital O&M tool provided real time reports on the handover documentation progress which enabled Multiplex to effectively track and capture all the required documentation in time for handover.


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