Identify and closeout your snags and defects on site with a combination of layouts, photo mark-ups and critical information.

Assign work and track progress quickly with bespoke drop down lists and real-time reporting.

Zutec Snagging & Defect Management Module





  • A range of data input types available, including photos, drawings, customisable dropdowns and free-text.
Zutec Snagging & Defect Management - Assigning pin drops to a record

Zutec Snagging & Defect Management - Sync Filtering and Preferences



  • Zutec Field caters for how you work on site. Sync Filtering and File Streaming help manage device storage, while choosing to work online or offline as well as a manual or automatic sync keeps you working in all conditions.



  • Use QR codes to filter through defects for a defined area.
  • Zutec's suite of standard and customisable reporting tools allow relevant parties to gain a clear understanding of issues on site and make prompt and informed decisions.
Zutec Snagging & Defect Management - QR codes & search to filter through defects



Zutec Snagging & Defect Management Benefits

Discover Zutec enabled projects where the Snagging & Defect Management tool was utilised: