Capture and management of site based data and photos.


Zutec Field is a mobile app for the capture and management of site-based data and photos. Available on both iOS and Android devices, Zutec FIELD can operate online or offline so that you can sync when you are able. Used in conjunction with Zutec Cloud, all data becomes available in real time for ease of collaboration.

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Zutec Field - Capture and management of site based data and photos

Zutec Field Modules

Discover the right tools to manage your projects


Efficient Data Input

Efficient Data

We consult around how you want a process to run and what structure the data should take. A meaningful tool is then made available to ensure data collection is relevant, logical & simple

Increased Visibility of Real-time Data

Increased Visibility of Real-time Data

Data is securely stored in the Zutec cloud, allowing relevant parties to see up-to-date construction data and site progress

Reduce Double-handling


Allows Head Contractors to take a more collaborative approach with subcontractors and consultants to ensure only relevant and useful data is accessible and captured