Be empowered and take control of your data with Zutec's suite of Standard Reports.

Visualise any dataset to obtain the insights you require to make informed decisions and track the performance of your project.

Zutec Standard Reports Module




Get up and running quickly


  • Zutec comes with standard reports ready to be used on your Project.

  • Built-in Industry standard templates to choose from.

  • Choose the visualizations that best suit your role and Zutec process.




Powerful data visualizations


  • Easy to setup from scratch.

  • Save your report to your project folder to make it easy to share.

  • Bring your data to life and gain insights quickly.



Upgrade to Zutec Analytics

Zutec Analytics is a powerful analytics feature that allows you to bring your report capability to the next level. Gain more insight into your projects and make better decisions.


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Zutec Standard Reports Benefits