Streamline and simplify the handover of your construction projects
Our Handover Module ensures that you and your clients have full visibility of a project’s lifecycle,
eliminating problematic and costly delays


  • Digitise and store all handover materials in a single, unified, cloud-based platform – simplify the collation of handover deliverables by discipline, system or work package
  • Seamless access and sharing of reports and operation and maintenance manuals
  • Powerful data visualizations to bring your data to life and gain insights quickly
  • Customisable review process, notifications and folder structures to cater for your project’s needs


  • Increased efficiency and collaboration – reducing administrative tasks, which means more time on site
  • Record and store information more effectively, leading to cost savings and improved customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced clarity and transparency reduces problematic and expensive delays
  • Reduce paperwork and save time spent managing your health and safety file
  • Cloud-based portal allows multiple stakeholders to upload, share and access information, regardless of location, in real-time
  • Meet your contractual handover conditions by building a bespoke folder structure that mirrors the requirements
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What will the UK’s Building Safety Bill mean for handovers?


The Building Safety Bill promises a raft of new legislation that will result in seismic changes to UK construction.  

Download our handy free guide and discover what these changes mean for contractors, why the ‘Golden Thread’ will affect handovers and how you can prepare your business for a new era in construction.

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