Visualise construction progress that is being captured on site  with Zutec Field.

Add additional attributes to allow you more accurate data from your model.

Zutec 4D Progress Tracking Module






  • Set visual filters in your model.
  • Search your model by any attribute.
Zutec BIM - 4D progress Tracking - filters

Zutec 4D progress Tracking




  • Connect with Zutec Field and report changes in real time. (*Requires Zutec Field Licence)
  • Create compelling visual reports using site plans and cross sections of your 3D Model.




  • Supports Autodesk Revit and IFC file formats.
  • Export Excel data from IFC Model files to create tracking schedules.
Zutec BIM - 4D progress Tracking


Zutec 4D Progress Tracking Benefits