Verify contract requirements and compliance with regular inspections. Configure bespoke forms and workflows to manage Work Inspection Requests & Commissioning Inspection Requests. 

Zutec WIR & CIR Management Module



  • One central hub for viewing progress of all inspections and their combined status 
  • Live reports - real time status updates, see how entire supply chain is performing 
  • Allocate tasks using customised workflows to ensure identified issues are actioned


WIR / CIR Management - Process



WIR / CIR Management - Process



  • Build customised digital forms
  • Capture and add digital signatures
  • Capture and add Photos
  • Mark pins on plans
  • Markup and redline drawings in the field



  • Efficient capture of information from onsite
  • Available in both iOS and Android formats
  • For use online and offline where no Wi-Fi or 4G coverage is available
WIR / CIR Management - Inspection Request Register



Zutec WIR CIR Management Benefits

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