Capture and manage Operation & Maintenance Manuals, Testing and commissioning data, As Built Drawings, Emergency Building Services Plans and Manuals, Warranties and Spare Parts.  

Directly enter your completion manual online to address each clause of your contract whilst providing evidence of how you have satisfied the particular clause.   

Track the progress of completion criteria and outstanding documents against missing placeholders and simple status reporting. Submit data online for review to the Independent Reviewer/Client in one single easy to navigate repository. 

Zutec’s flexible platform provides scalability to meet the requirements of a small, simple project or a complex multi billion-euro facility. 


Zutec Digital O&M Manuals Module

Zutec O&M Manuals Benefits



  • A bespoke workflow process to ensure all information is reviewed and approved as required 
  • Bulk upload of data and files
  • The ability to link key records


Digital O&M Manuals - Desktop view 1



Digital O&M Manuals - Desktop view 2



  • A folder tree structure that can be built to your requirements to allow simple navigation
  • Permissions that can be customised to control who can see the information 



  • Export data in common formats such as XLS and XML 
  • Produce snapshots of all or part of the database that can be handed over to tenants, the client and any other stakeholders
Digital O&M Manuals - Desktop view 3



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