Access models and data online or onsite to improve communication and reduce the risk of errors and rework. Centralise all asset information in one common data environment for easy navigation and retrieval of linked data during inspections and maintenance. 

Monitor and visualise construction progress for concrete pours, steelworks and duct work erection in real time. 

Link BMS for live data updates on temperature, electrical usage, flow rates, movement and any other asset condition data that you require. 

Enriched models with the connection of processes and information to model data.

Zutec Field BIM

Zutec BIM Integration Benefits



  • Works with IFC Models  
  • Federate all your IFC models in one simple place 
  • Live construction activity reporting, colour coded on the model 
Zutec BIM tablet view 1



Zutec BIM tablet view 2




  • Tag the model with operation & maintenance data, drawings, photos, any data or item can be linked directly to the model 
  • Create your own groups 
  • Take screenshots, mark them up and distribute via email 



  • Connect live sensor data to the model (BACNet protocol) 
Zutec BIM tablet view 3



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