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Zutec Construction Asset Management Module

Construction Asset Management

Capture, manage and monitor all asset information in one centralised repository

Zutec Construction Progress Tracking Module

Construction Progress Tracking

Gain the ability to estimate the completion of planned activities and make informed decisions

Zutec Building Condition Survey Module

Building Condition Survey

Streamline the entire surveying process from on-site data capture to report generating

Zutec O&M Manuals Module

O&M Manuals

Capture and manage O&M Manuals, testing & commissioning data, As Built Drawings, and more


Zutec Construction Defect Management Module

Construction Defect Management

Easily capture any type of data whilst in the field – reducing errors and improving productivity

Zutec Construction Quality Control Module

Construction Quality Control

Digitise existing manual processes to streamline your QA/QC workflows

Zutec BIM Integration Module

BIM Integration

Access models and data online or onsite to improve communication and reduce the risk of errors and rework

Zutec Daily Site Diary Module

Daily Site Diary

Capture and log site data to validate and report on daily site activities


Zutec Restoration / Conservation Progress Tracking Module

Restoration / Conservation Progress Tracking

Manage components of your restoration project that typically require specialised repair

Zutec Facade Progress Tracking Module

Facade Progress Tracking

Gain visibility of your facade process from design through to installation

Zutec Fire Penetration Tracking Module

Fire Penetration Tracking

Confidently capture, manage and report on all fire penetrations across your project

Zutec Crane Usage Register Module

Crane Usage Register

Increase productivity and reduce idle time by streamlining the Crane Management process


Zutec WIR / CIR Management Module

WIR / CIR Management

Verify contract requirements and compliance with regular inspections

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Zutec Elevation

Zutec Elevation

Zutec Resolution

Zutec Resolution

Zutec Dimensions

Zutec Dimensions

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