Building Snagging

Identify and close-out snags and defects on site with a combination of layouts, photo mark-ups and critical information.


Spot and solve issues before they become problems

Snagging and defect management has never been easier. Customisable workflows and notifications allow you to recognise, rectify and verify issues in a timely manner. Assigning work and tracking progress is a breeze with bespoke drop-down lists and real-time reporting. A combination of memory fields, mandatory fields, review triggers and default values ensure every last shred of critical data is captured quickly and thoroughly so that your team can focus on the job at hand.



01. Capture

A range of data input methods enable you to provide rich contextual information on snags including photos, videos, drawings, customisable dropdowns and free-text.



02. Mobile

Designed to work in the field. Sync options help manage device storage, while offline functionality keeps you working, even out of signal range.



03. Oversee

Use QR codes to easily filter through defects in a defined area.



04. Control

Use your device’s GPS to help visualise the locations of snags and issues over wide or linear areas. Inside buildings, drop pins or mark-up plans or layouts to quickly identify issues for close-out.



  • Boost productivity: Save time – capture and work on everything of note in the field. Data feeds-back automatically into reporting and dashboards for desk management tasks.
  • Facilitate collaboration: Used in conjunction with Zutec Cloud, all data becomes available in real time for swift and simple collaboration.






“Zutec has helped us drive consistency and quality in our installations. Operatives take ownership knowing that everything is inspected and recorded”

Kevin Whiriskey, Contracts Manager

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