Aftercare, Remediation & Property Management

Up to 75% of a Building Assets’ total cost is incurred in the “in-use” phase of the Building Lifecycle. Use Zutec CDE Aftercare and Property Management tools to optimise the return on the performance of your built Assets.


Cladding remediation projects are at the forefront of the construction industries response to the new requirements under the new Building Safety Act 2022.

Store the results of inspections and related photographic & video inspection evidence against the building elements to which they relate. Use the Asset Management tools to schedule and manage PPM activities for major plant and other building elements.


01. Convenience

All your building information contained in one centralised, accessible platform.


02. Assurance

Provide the necessary assurance to your building’s users, that the products installed comply with the current regulations.


03. Traceability

Maintain a full audit trail of changes to your in-use building assets.


  • PPM: Use Zutec PPM tools to plan, schedule and execute planned maintenance activities to ensure compliance with manufacturers recommendations and protect the integrity of your product warranties.

  • Remediation: Use Zutec to review current installations and track and inspect progress on cladding and remediation changes. Ensure the right materials are being used in the right place before submitting to inspectors and assessors as set out in the Building Safety Act 2022.

  • Inspections: Use Zutec inspection tools to support condition surveys, fire safety checks and other statutory checks required on your in-use assets.




“Zutec has helped us drive consistency and quality in our installations. Operatives take ownership knowing that everything is inspected and recorded”

Kevin Whiriskey, Contracts Manager

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