Zutec is pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Boland as its new General Manager for the UK.  Tom started his new role on April 3rd 2018 and brings an abundance of hands on technical,  commercial and project delivery experience to Zutec. Tom was previously involved with the business in 2003 and is the second biggest shareholder in the company.

Tom is a highly experienced, successful and well-regarded leader who, since early in his career, has gained experience working in the construction industry in Ireland, UK and EMEA.

Tom is re-joining the business having recently just finished working as the Completions, Handover and Commissioning Manager on a $1.8 billion Infrastructure project in the EMEA.

Brendan O’Riordan, CEO of Zutec Holding AB, said:

“It's great to welcome Tom back to Zutec as the General Manager for the UK, to have the support of one of our largest shareholders who has such an extensive depth of knowledge in construction can only be a positive for the company going forward.”

Conor O’Brien, Chief Financial Officer or Zutec Holding AB, said;

“I am absolutely delighted to welcome Tom Boland back to the Zutec team.  Tom brings a wealth of experience to the group and with Tom holding the specific role of UK General Manager, we can look forward to the UK region making significant contribution to the Zutec global growth.”

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