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Every piece of Part L photographic evidence in one secure place

Part L Building Regulations compliance requires mandatory photographic evidence. To obtain your BREL and EPC Reports, SAP assessors will need access evidence your building plot meets regulatory requirements.

Are your processes ready?

  • Easily capture, store and share photographic evidence and supporting documents with team members and assessor
  • Avoid chasing up your supply chain for missing data.
  • Swerve countless lost hours as your team standardises processes and data.
  • Easily access every image for every plot in one solution.
  • Access templates created specifically for the task.

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The number one solution to capture, record, mark up, trace back

and easily share geo-located photographic evidence through the house build stage.


01. Single source of truth

One central solution where all photographic evidence and supporting documentation lives.



02. Quick to implement

Implement in a matter of days empowering your teams to start capturing this crucial information on site as work progresses.


03. Simple to use

Zutec enables geo-referenced photos to be captured from any device with or without data connection.


04. Improve Building Performance and Energy Efficiency

By complying with Part L 2021 now, you can take the first steps towards carbon net neutrality for new and refurbished individual dwellings.