The Single Source of Truth For All Your Building Lifecycle Needs

Full lifecycle solution, helping owners to maintain the digital golden thread and comply with the latest regulations.


Whatever the scale of your property portfolio, Zutec has a solution so that owners can succeed

Zutec CDE is a fully configurable, centralised solution, helping owners to maintain a digital golden thread of information across construction projects. Capture the exact data you and your stakeholders need to make informed, and effective decisions as construction projects progress. Boost operational efficiency with a centralised platform for your entire project portfolio, using configurable analytics to interrogate and report on asset data.

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Cladding and Remediation Requirements

Use Zutec to review current installations and track and inspect progress on cladding and remediation changes. Ensure the right materials are being used in the right place before submitting to inspectors and assessors, to secure sign-off and release of the EWS1 Form.

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Part L Reg 40 Compliance: Capturing Photographic Records

Incrementally capture and log geo-referenced photographic evidence during construction with Zutec’s centralised Quality Management solution. Easily submit photos to the SAP assessor to evidence compliance with Part L to release EPCs and the new BREL Report.

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Digitise Legacy Data

Ensure compliance with the Building Safety Act and digitise your historic project data. A centralised portfolio builds a comprehensive audit trail of all construction activity. Enable easy sharing of construction data with third parties and the Building Safety Regulator.

Tender Management

Manage the tender process from start to finish within Zutec, from the secure distribution of tender documents to design changes, project scoping and comparative evaluation. With access to a full audit trail of contractors / subcontractors and their responses, gain reassurance that you have selected the best teams based on quality against value.

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Design Collaboration

Ensuring the right information is available to the right people on your project is key. Easy-to-use with flexible workflows, deliver and exchange design information on projects within Zutec to speed up change request resolution and technical submittal approvals. With one platform, everyone can access the latest information and be on the same page.

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Project Management

Providing a complete picture of your project, track, monitor and manage progress throughout the entire construction process via the Zutec platform. Share information and collaborate with contractors to take control of your project and drive improved performance.

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Digital Handover

Align structured data capture processes with comprehensive access to all handover documentation throughout the project lifecycle for timely and complete project handovers, all within the Zutec platform. Track and review progress against O&Ms, Fire & Emergency Files and asset data to ensure full data capture and compliance with the latest industry regulations.

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A single, centralised repository for your entire project portfolio. Maintain the golden thread by seamlessly updating base build data for ongoing use changes within your buildings. Configurable analytics let you search, interrogate and report on asset data. Gain deeper insight into business processes and building performance.

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Zutec is perfect for all types and sizes of development

  • Configurable Platform
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Owned, Real-Time Data
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Auditable Progress Tracking

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