Coming soon! In the coming weeks we’re going to release a major update to the web-based interface of our Platform.

Overall goal of this update is improving usability and performance, and we are focusing mainly on:

  • Visual boost – cleaner and more intuitive user interface
  • Productivity boost – enhanced navigation for a seamless usage

The redesign is being done with our customers in mind, we are going to keep all functionalities you know and love, while make it more intuitive and user-friendly.


The key improvements

The elements of the menu were changed to improved visual hierarchy.

Zutec User Interface Old vs New - menu visual hierarchy

You will experience enhanced navigation thanks to implemented colours and going away from grey-scale elements. This mainly going to improve the perception of your actions. Green colour is used for positive activities such as create a new record, task, user or successful action, and red for negative activities such as delete selected, or for warning alerts and errors.

Zutec User Interface Old vs New - enhanced navigation

Zutec’s branded colourscheme was also applied into the interface for a consistent look and to reflect our brand personality.

Zutec User Interface Old vs New - branded colourscheme


You will also notice all icons are vector type for a cleaner and sharper look.

Coming soon – stay tuned!


Zutec UI Design Guidelines

Zutec UI Design Guidelines 2019 preview

See full copy here.


Zutec User Interface Update OLD vs NEW


bold header


Project 1

Project 1 Details

A clear and bold header


Project 1

Project 1 Details



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