Version 1.2.0 of Zutec Field has now been released to App Store and Google Play. The two main features in this release are Drawing Mark-ups & In-App Analytics.

Drawing Mark-ups:

The Drawing Mark-up feature allows users to annotate drawings using an array of tools such as cloud boxes, text comments and highlighter. 

The user can create a mark-up layer on a drawing using any combination of the mark-up tools, then link that layer to any type of task that they choose.

For example, an RFI ( Request for information ) for a room's dimensions could be made by highlighting the room on a drawing, then creating a task and assigning it to the individual for a response.

It could also be used to highlight an area in a room where a defect is located, then creating a Defect form and linking it to the mark-up.

Problem We Solve with the Drawing Mark-Up Feature:

Teams are more comfortable with viewing drawings, this enables users to quickly adopt to new technology in a format that they are used too, thus making the team BIM compliant. The layers allow each user to collate their own mark-ups ensuring all data is held in one place and not leaving the system, reducing filtering the data. Saving time returning to the office to update the inspections database and keeping all data live so that double entry is avoided. 

Android Interface:

MARKUPS-raise-item              MARKUPS-add-markup

iOS Interface:



In-App Analytics:

There is a Dashboard screen in the app which displays a pie chart ( Status Report ) showing the number of items in each stage of a given process.

Users can view the overall status of a process from Zutec Cloud Report ,  or the filtered data they have downloaded to the app using the Field Report button. ( No connection required for Field Report )

There is also a clickable status bar in the list view which will filter items based on the review stage clicked, and coloured rings in the Home screen which again, give a visual representation of the stages each process is at.

Problem We Solve with the In-App Analytics Feature:

 Zutec real-time Construction Analytics Function enables informed decision making and progress tracking helping you to save time on site and in the office.

Android Interface:

 ANALYTICS-status-bar         ANALYTICS-home-screen-with-status


iOS Interface:

ANALYTICS-status-bar      ANALYTICS-home-screen-with-status



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