Version 1.0.2 of Resolution has now been released to Google Play and features the following updates:


PDF View / Markup ( All doc types )
Users can now view and markup PDFs , as well as Excel and Word files.
More Consistent UI
Some icons, colours and fonts have been changed for UI consistency.
Improved Mobile Form View
Forms are now more consistent with how the appear on the web app.
New Mutli Choice Components
It is now clear to the user which fields are multiple choice (dropdown) fields.
Review Comments Visible
Users can now view the most recent review comment in the edit item view.
Bug Fixes & Improvements Include:
  • Editing dropdown sometimes blanking wrong child field
  • Files now stored in Resolution directory
  • Default values not populating on hidden fields
  • Incomplete mandatory field notification more smooth
  • Screen going to sleep during long table rebuild
  • Double clicking project button causes project to open twice
  • Drawing thumbnails not refreshing correctly after first download
  • Item list scroll position not resetting on reset clicked
  • Faster sync on tables with prefixed sequences/ref defaults
  • Review dependancy issues on sync
  • Local filter not working properly when commas in filter value
  • Comments fields cutting off text in certain scenarios


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