Digital transformation within the construction sector is still significantly behind other sectors - and that serves nobody.

Zutec is joined by a handful of software providers who are driving adoption, changing behaviour and establishing the overall benefits.

While Zutec aims to present an integrated suite of software tools to meet respective challenges, other providers are pursuing a strategy of consolidating operations around a specific niche. Either way, the industry as a whole benefits from a wider choice of solutions that are capable of addressing the fundamental vulnerability of a paper-based approach.

This short overview will help you not just identify the focus and strengths of each platform, but also map out the challenges that should be addressed as a priority. In this respect, the Zutec platform has the advantage of a modular set of tools that work independently of each other, but are integrated into a single dashboard, so that you can switch over to digital in the areas that will deliver the most value first.

How Can Drawing Management Be Implemented Into A Digital Handover?

Aimed primarily at design teams, Bluebeam’s Revu platform is an alternative to Adobe Professional. Users can convert CAD drawings to PDF, making it easier to share and collaborate. Like Zutec, it allows project partners to mark up and collaborate on documents in real time, leveraging powerful measurement tools to capture a building’s scope in preparation for the tender process.

Worthy of note is the snagging tool for sorting and summarising site inspection items with drawings. Revu aims to deliver a first-time completion rate of 90%. We claim with confidence that those looking for full BIM integration tools and an overall end-to-end full life-cycle platform will find Zutec more suitable, but there’s a lot to admire in Bluebeam Revu for designers.

What On-Site Construction Apps Help With Digital Handovers?

One of the more established names in the construction software market, Plangrid gives builders access to blueprints and reports on the go. The request for information (RFI) capability in particular has generated some enthusiastic reviews.

Like Zutec, the Plangrid dashboard resolves a crucial issue for any construction software platform - it has to be easy to use and intuitive, particularly for those who are not tech-savvy by nature. In this respect, Plangrid delivers, as well as packing some great tools for scaled dimension and takeoff, and drawing overlay.

Plangrid offers additional proof that digital handover can slash blueprint costs and drive efficiency throughout the whole construction process. We think Zutec goes even further where subcontractor functionality and support are concerned. With so many providers under pressure to roll out new tools, the importance of support keeping pace to resolve any glitches cannot be underestimated.

Does Cloud-Based Construction Software Speed Up The Handover Process?

Viewpoint started out as a software platform built around the design stage, but the provider has rolled out a series of solutions since to cover the full construction life cycle. Each works as a standalone tool, but all can be integrated into the Viewpoint ERP.

If compatibility with AutoCAD or design software is essential, run a trial first to check you can run at full capability. In some cases, features are only available when integrated with other modules, and the steep learning curve means there might be better alternatives for your needs.

As with any construction software provider, check also what is covered in your support package. With some providers, you’re only guaranteed a level of free core support and additional features are billable to third parties.

Is There A Complete Integrated Solution For Digital Handover?

Other names in the market are more established, some have a narrower focus, but we believe the Zutec platform has the strongest proposition for a simple reason. It’s the most intuitive, capable integrated platform for the full building life cycle.

The design and BIM features are a match for any of the design specialists, while the reporting and markup tools are user-friendly, collaborative and accessible throughout the process. We’re inspired by the competition, but we’re also smart enough to learn from their mistakes. That’s why we don’t bow to the pressure to release new tools and features until we’re fully confident that they’ll deliver.


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