When the time comes to hand over the keys (and fobs and transmitter controls) to the building owner, everything should be ready if you’ve prepared for handover in the most efficient way possible.


But how do you ensure your handover is comprehensive and nothing is overlooked? Here is a handy checklist – a good general guide, which may need adjusting depending on the particularities of your project.

  • The health and safety file needs to be comprehensive, clear and concise. It should not include anything that isn’t relevant, so that when subsequent work needs to be carried out, the information is easy to understand and can be accessed quickly.

  • The operations and maintenance manual or building owner’s manual will usually be at draft stage during handover, as it takes some time to finish after the building’s completion. All the information the client needs for the operation, maintenance, decommissioning and demolition of the building should be in here.

  • The building log book is an overview of how the building was designed to operate and any changes made since. It should therefore be a much briefer document than the manual, and is only necessary with new builds and repurposed buildings.

  • A building user’s guide contains all the technical details that the Operations and Maintenance team of the building will need in the future.

  • You need to be able to show that the systems and components of a building have been designed, installed and tested and the building can serve its purpose – for this you need to provide up-to-date testing and commissioning data.

  • The building owner needs to know that all components are up to required standards, which is what certificates and warranties are for. But they are also useful when things need replacing, and in the event of a dispute, they will clarify the rights and obligations of each party.

  • You’ll also need to include either a validated BIM model or as-built drawings from consultants, specialist suppliers and contractors.

  • Don’t forget to include building regulations approval and condition surveys among your copies of statutory approvals, waivers, consents and conditions.

  • And finally, for the ongoing maintenance of facilities, any equipment test certificates for lifts, escalators, lifting equipment, cradle systems, boilers and pressure vessels should not be missing.

Our digital handover module is designed to make life easier for you. If you would like to hear more about how Zutec can help your construction process, book a free customised demo today.

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