In our series of articles on the tools reshaping construction, we’ve already examined the many benefits of digital Handover, CDE and digital QA/QC software. In part 4 of this series, we turn our attention to Document Management systems.

Antiquated Document Management

On a global level, paper construction documents are still the norm – but this antiquated system is rife with shortcomings. Not only are paper documents cumbersome to store, copy and distribute, but they are also prone to being lost or damaged.

Perhaps even more problematic is the dubious veracity of paper documents. Any given project will have several layers of authorisation and numerous different stakeholders. This means that every document must go through many complex rounds of approval, resulting in numerous different document versions. This in turn greatly increases the risk of the wrong document being referred to at the wrong time.

With paper documents, there is always a danger that architects’ drawings, owners’ cost approvals and contractors’ interpretations are uncoordinated. When this happens, projects go awry, rework ensues, costs spiral and deadlines run over.

Digital Document Management

Thankfully, digital Document Management software provides a very convenient solution. Up to date and approved documents can be accessed ‘through the cloud’ at any time from anywhere. The need for reams and reams of duplicates is negated and there is no chance that a crucial drawing or report can be lost or damaged.

Besides convenience, the biggest advantage of digital Document Management is the connected, centralised nature of project documents. With all stakeholders referring to a single source of information, designers, owners and contractors are all kept on the same page, working cohesively towards shared goals. Errors arising from miscommunication are avoided and projects run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Zutec’s Document Management

No two projects are ever the same and that’s why Zutec’s Document Management module is designed with the project at the centre. It makes collaboration on documents, RFIs, drawings and technical submittals simple, with full visibility and traceability of all information.

Users benefit from being able to access, or upload data from any location – whether they’re in the field, in the office, or working from home. And to ensure the right people have access to the right documents, you can assign project roles with variable access levels.

Streamline your day-to-day operations, eliminate time spent on admin and avoid costly project errors arising from miscommunication with Zutec Document Management. Book your free demo now.

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