The first two parts of our series of articles on the tools reshaping construction explored how cloud-based digital handover software and Common Data Environments (CDEs) are changing construction. Next up, we take a look at developments in Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) inspections.

Can inspections really benefit from digitisation?

We all know why inspections take place. Finding any faults or quality defects during the building process helps minimise cost overruns. By keeping a close eye on progress, you can fix problems as they arise, avoiding any rework that would be necessary if elements are not completed to the correct specifications. Ultimately of course, what’s behind all this, is safeguarding people – ensuring buildings are fit for purpose and safe to inhabit.

But are QA/QC inspections as effective and efficient as they could be? One might think that an inspection is still an inspection – a qualified professional has to visit a site and check whether work is being carried out correctly and to the required standards.

And yes, this is still mostly true. However, just like with handovers and document management, there is much that digital tools can offer to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the inspection process. In fact, digital QA/QC modules are perfect tools to facilitate compliance, and even more effective when linked with a full CDE as all data flows to and from a single digital space.

The old way

When conducting an inspection, it used to be that the operative needed various documents for reference, including drawings, specifications, blueprints, notebooks and checklists. And just like with anything paper-based, these are cumbersome and can be lost or damaged.

Losing QA/QC documents can be a real risk to your business. Inspection notes are required as a record of due diligence, and are an important measure to protect the employee as well as the company. Should anything go wrong further down the line, you need to be able to retrieve these files and provide evidence that you’ve carried out your duties. 

So why upgrade now?

Digital QA/QC software has proven tremendously useful throughout the pandemic. By streamlining the inspection process and allowing inspectors to conduct the bulk of their analysis offsite, digital QA/QC has helped inspectors meet social distancing requirements without compromising the rigour and efficacy of their inspections.

It has also helped from a communications perspective. With all data flowing through one centralised, cloud-based platform, QA/QC software helps keep everyone in the loop - very useful while meetings are tricky or impossible, to coordinate.

No going back

Given the evident benefits to the users of digital QA/QC (including efficiency, accuracy and better project outcomes) it seems unimaginable that anyone would go back to the outdated systems used in the pre-pandemic world. For those companies yet to adopt digital technologies, digital QA/QC presents an ideal opportunity to benefit from modernisation.

Even if we return to a world where we no longer have to keep a distance from each other, the technology is here to stay.

Choose Zutec

For superior QA/QC field modules, look no further than Zutec Field:

  • Notifications and workflows ensure inspections are completed efficiently
  • Inspection reports can be completed and submitted in the field
  • Inspect, mark up, annotate and share 2D & 3D drawings in the office or in the field, in real time
  • Instant access to site diaries and data on snagging and defects
  • Cloud storage to keep all documentation in a single location
  • Can be used online or offline where there is no Wi-Fi or mobile data coverage

Streamline your inspections, reduce costs and minimise mistakes with Zutec’s QA/QC module. Book your free demo now.

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