The Royal Children's Hospital

Melbourne - Australia

Lend Lease reviewed the capabilities of several Document Management Systems available in the market for use on the new Royal Children’s Hospital Project. 

Flexibility – the ability to tailor a solution to the needs of Lend Lease was a key driver in the selection process. When asked the reasons behind selecting Zutec, Julia Hicks (Senior Project Engineer – Finalisation) was prompt in her response. “The bespoke tree structure with unlimited folder levels meant we would not be constrained by three-five levels only” Julia explained. “It was an easy decision. Zutec is a web based application which was going to give Lendlease, the State Government, and Spotless (FM) visibility and access simultaneously. Zutec has one single repository which would guarantee us that no superseded files could remain available to the end user.” This was an important factor for the project team to consider in its selection. In conjunction with the Victorian Department of Health (the client), Lendlease developed the folder structure to meet the needs of the contract and the project. 

Involving the subcontractors during the development of the folder structure ensure they would take ownership of the process of their designated folders that required information. “The sub contractors were quick to realise that by uploading their data into Zutec it would eliminate the creation of any hard copy documentation that they were required to produce under their contractors” Julia said. “Training them would never take longer than one hour”. 

Paul Barnes from CDC Plumbing was a leading sub contractor on the RCH project. He believes that the benefit to producing a world class handover package to the client is all about timing. “Zutec's Digital Operations & Maintenance Manual is a great solution. The earlier this type of application is implemented in a project, the greater the benefit for all parties”. 

Other key benefits to Lendlease including the search function. “This functionality is very powerful if you place the right control in place. The Hyperlink functionality also gave us the ability to link back to anywhere within the repository very quickly which is very important when someone who is time poor may be looking for a piece of information”. 

The new Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Victoria combines new facilities, innovative models of care and leading edge research and education to provide the best health care and environment for patients, families and staff. The RCH is already recognised for providing world-class health care and it now has a world-class building as well. 

Site preparation commenced late 2007 and the New Royal Children’s Hospital opened on November 30th, 2011. The new Royal Children’s Hospital was delivered by the State Government of Victoria as a public private partnership (PPP).

The Royal Childrens Hospital

The Royal Children's Hospital Project Cost


US$1 Billion

The Royal Children's Hospital Project Gross Area

Gross Area

140, 000m²

Who Was Involved

The Royal Children's Hospital Project Architect


Billard Leece & Bates Smart JV

The Royal Children's Hospital Project Engineer



The Royal Children's Hospital Project Main Contractor

Main Contractor

Lend Lease




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