Old Street Yard

London - United Kingdom

Old Street Yard is a new public courtyard that opens up the space between City Road and Mallow Street, enhancing the lifestyle of those who work at White Collar Factory campus, as well as those who pass through the area.

Accessible to the public via several traditional London passageways, Old Street Yard is home to restaurants and residential apartments, creating a new urban environment to transform the character of the neighbourhood.  For the occupants of the low-rise units that surround Old Street Yard, the courtyard acts as a hub for socialising and sharing ideas. Tree-lined and featuring grassed seating areas with public art, the entire area will be Wi-Fi enabled to create an inspiring working space.

Multiplex involved Zutec on this project, where they used various tools throughout the build. During construction, the Snagging & Defect Management tool was used as the main Quality Assurance collaboration platform for the project. Multiplex used this to capture all tasks such as snags, defects, observations, incomplete works, outstanding works and clean up notices and raise them against the responsible subcontractors. The Client Representatives, Multiplex and all subcontractors used this tool to collaborate and resolve all issues captured onsite. The Task Management tool also provided detailed insights and analytics through the embedded and interactive dashboarding on the Zutec Platform.

As with any multi million pound development, project handover is a key component in completion and Zutec's  Digital Operations & Maintenance Manuals were used as a collaboration tool for all subcontractors to upload all of the required handover information which is essential for a smooth handover and successful running of the building post-handover. All information uploaded was brought through a workflow and validated by the various certifiers. The Zutec Digital Operations & Maintenance Manual tool provided real time reports on the handover documentation progress which enabled Multiplex to effectively track and capture all the required documentation in time for handover.

Old Street Yard

Old Street Yard Project Cost


£200+ million

Old Street Yard Project Gross Area

Gross Area


Who Was Involved

Old Street Yard Project Architect


Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Old Street Yard Project Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer


Old Street Yard Project M&E Engineer

M&E Engineer


Old Street Yard Project Main Contractor

Main Contractor





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