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London Wall Place is a 500,000 sq ft development that will provide two landmark commercial buildings and an acre of landscaped public realm. The site extends for over 2 acres and is located on London Wall between Moorgate and the Barbican. 

The new open space creates a unique destination for the area through a series of new gardens set amongst the historic landmarks. The reinstatement of the City of London high-walks through the development is just one of the iconic features of this expansive regeneration. Manufactured from weathered steel and providing pedestrian access through the site above street level, this complements the existing remains of both the Roman City Wall and St Alphage Church, which will be seamlessly incorporated into the public realm landscape. 

1. London Wall Place is a circa 300,000 sq ft building arranged over 12 storeys. The innovative design provides floor plates of circa 9,000 sq to 42,000 sq ft and includes over 35,000 sq ft of roof terraces for exclusive tenant use. 

2. London Wall Place is a 16 storey tower providing floors of circa 12,000 sq ft and completed to Cat ‘A’. The building will include vertical glazing strips and a spectacular triple height space at the top of the building. 

Zutec’s Façade Progress Tracker was used to track the status of every facade element from manufacture to installation and final inspection. This was achieved using the Zutec Resolution tool and utilisng the barcode scanning capabilities.

The Snagging & Defect Management tool was used as the Quality Assurance collaboration platform for the project. Multiplex used this to capture all tasks such as snags, defects and observations and raise them against the responsible subcontractors. Multiplex and all subcontractors used this tool to collaborate and resolve all issues captured onsite.

The Zutec QA/QC Inspections tool was used to digitise processes that were previously captured using paper, this enabled the workforce to use a more secure and efficient process to capture data. Various Quality and Compliance related checklists were created and inspections were carried out onsite using the Zutec Resolution app.

As with any multi million pound development, project handover is a key component in completion and the Zutec Digital Operations & Maintenance Manuals capturing platform was used as a collaboration tool for all subcontractors to upload all of the required handover information which is essential for a smooth handover and successful running of the building post-handover. All information uploaded was brought through a workflow and validated by the various certifiers. The Zutec Digital Operations & Maintenance Manuals tool provided real time reports on the handover documentation progress which enabled Multiplex to effectively track and capture all the required documentation in time for handover.

London Wall Place

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