For a contractor, clear and effective communication is crucial to the success of any building project - it means they can improve productivity, organisation, safety and cost-effectiveness.

Smooth interaction between the many different teams involved, including subcontractors who come and go, will help drive efficiency and avoid problems and delays - and so it is crucial to the overall success of the job being delivered on deadline and on budget.

When on-site communication is based on phones, texts and emails, things can go wrong very easily - there are delays as people wait for messages to be picked up, workers are often using out-of-date information, print-outs of plans or instructions can get lost or damaged, and the whole process is much more vulnerable to inefficiency and human error. 

A digital solution means communication is easy, enhanced information-sharing means everyone is always up to date, and everyone has access to whatever they need, wherever they are - all combining for greater efficiency on the project.

Why Is Effective Communication Crucial To A Construction Project?

Good relationships are the lifeblood of any successful project - and communication is vital to creating and maintaining good relationships in the complex and pressurised world of construction projects.

When all stakeholders can communicate easily, openly and with transparency, it greatly improves the overall health of any venture.

Communication fosters idea-sharing and innovation. Effective communication between the various teams on a job means better planning, better execution and better problem-solving.

The complexity and scale of a big construction project doesn't naturally lend itself to efficient communication. There are significant obstacles to overcome in terms of teams being spread out, on-site and off-site, as well as the many different disciplines that are required to interact, each with their own narrow focus and deadlines to hit. 

“The nature of construction is that people are not working side by side. They could be many floors apart or good distances, it could be difficult to get from one to the other. So the communications element of construction digitisation will be huge. That's one of our targets,” says Zutec Vice President of Solution Sales, Daniel Da Silva.


How Can Construction Software Help On Site Communications?

A construction management software package allows for huge efficiencies in the communication process compared to traditional methods. 

As well as everyone having access to each other using secure and integrated mobile apps,  they also have access to all the information that they need at their finger tips through an easy-to-use interface. This allows instant updates to information, plans and schedules, which means everyone is always singing from the same hymn sheet and there is never any confusion about who should be doing what and when.

How Large Number Of Workers Can All Interact

“In some of our projects we could have 50 to 100 or 150 different subcontractors and different subcontractor companies who submit information on the platform," says Zutec Daniel Da Silva. With these numbers in mind, the advantage of being able to quickly and easily communicate a directive to all relevant parties, and of them being able to access whatever information they need, is crystal clear. 

It also facilitates greater communication between those working on-site and those based off-site, be they architects, planners or designers. Off-site stakeholders can follow progress via the software and easily interact with relevant teams on the ground to iron out any issues that arise. 

Similarly, a digital solution makes it easier for owners to keep tabs on progress and to stay in the loop with the main contractor and with the work on-site.

How Can Construction Software Help Hit Deadlines?

Construction management software helps you to hit your deadlines because of its speed, efficiency, safety and consistency.

The enhanced collaboration in the early stages between the owner, contractor and designer means that deadlines are matched, planning is more accurate and, in general, projects encounter fewer problems across the board.

Because Zutec is cloud-based, it is easily accessible using mobile devices; personnel do not have to use desktop computers to view drawings and documents. Zutec’s platform allows communication with all parties with ease, meaning projects run safer and more smoothly.

Being able to share and access documents and reports with ease ensures that all teams are running with the same knowledge, lessening the likelihood of delays due to misinformation.

Ultimately, it all adds up to faster work, fewer delays, greater efficiency, fewer problems and the project being delivered on time.


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