All contractors face challenges throughout the life cycle of a construction project. Time and time again, industry experts such as Digitalist Magazine and ResearchGate have ranked issues such as undefined goals and changing of scope, managing costs and poor communication as some of the most significant challenges posed to construction project management.

A simple way to reduce construction project management problems is through the utilisation of management software. The software is curated to help managers mitigate risks and can be an invaluable addition to anyone’s toolkit.

What Are The Most Common Challenges Faced By Builders During A Construction Project?

As regards undefined goals and changes to scope: when goals aren't clear, projects are likely to run over budget and time, at a cost to all involved. Scheduling tasks and updating teams can also be tricky for even the most seasoned construction professional but completing a project on schedule is absolutely critical.

When things go wrong on a project, it is almost always due to some kind of communication breakdown. And using traditional documentation methods can cause delays waiting for the architect, engineer or owner to review documents and respond to inquiries.  

Another major challenge for contractors is managing the costs during a construction project. Under this umbrella, inefficient document management can also cause pain points.

Contracts, change orders, materials orders, receipts, invoices, employment applications, certificates of insurance… contractors have to wade through enough paper to fill an entire room full of filing cabinets.

What Solutions Are Available?

A digital software solution allows construction professionals to meet their daily challenges head-on and to quickly overcome them. It also helps to cut out many common problems before they arise in the first place.

From pre-construction to scheduling, from project management and field reporting to managing your back office, there’s a software solution to help streamline your processes and improve productivity.

When your software solution is cloud-based, it allows changes and updates to documents, schedules, and other management tools to be made in real time, facilitating better communication and collaboration.

All of this is beneficial to keeping track of shifting goalposts and changes to project scope. Digital management apps mean that teams can visually map out a project timeline and keep abreast of every single change to end goals, while accessing or providing up-to-date information from a desktop, smartphone or tablet, wherever they are.

Why Is Full Transparency Crucial In A Construction Project?

Zutec technical director Ray McCaul explains: “Generally, the information is caught out on the site by personnel walking around using a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, etc, to capture the data, and then it's uploaded onto a database where everybody has a full transparency of it at the end of the day.”

Many apps allow for messaging that enables users to easily see what needs to be completed and gives real-time project status updates, which keeps everything running smoothly among the large groups working on projects. Scheduling meetings when all parties can gather at a central location will no longer be necessary.

Managing costs and avoiding over-runs can be avoided when discussions and decisions regarding possible revisions take place as soon as the issue is known. A digital solution can help you organise your projects, stay on top of documents and on-time with your payments.

Successful projects are built on overcoming the daily challenges for contractors and builders. Scoping out the project, keeping a close eye on costing parameters and positive communication solutions are all key to getting the best out of everyone involved in a construction project - from bottom to top.


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