Handover marks the final stage of the formal transfer and acceptance of a building (and all of its supporting data and information) from the contractor to the client.

But Handover does not really mark the ‘end’ of something. Handover marks the beginning of the long lifetime of a building and all of its assets in the hands of the owner. Nor is it correct to view handover as a single moment in time. To achieve efficient handover, contractors must apply careful planning and then diligently follow a driven handover process throughout construction.

Handover – vast, complex and vital
Handover is vital for the continued operation and maintenance of the completed structure. The safety of those using the building, and the building’s energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness all depend on quality handover management.

 The quantity of data and information required for effective handover are vast. Depending on pre-agreed terms between client and contractor, necessary records are likely to include BIM models, warranties, manuals, maintenance notifications and much, much more.

 The sheer volume of data required might seem daunting but thankfully there is a way to make it manageable.

Digital Handover solutions
For contractors to effectively handle handover, they need to make provisions for handover management before the first brick of their project has been laid.

In the old days, this meant meticulous planning and time-consuming completion and filing of paperwork. Assuming that said paperwork was completed properly (a mammoth task in itself), there was always a danger that those ‘hard-copy’ files could be lost or damaged.

Digital handover software has changed all that. Modern cloud-based handover systems will guide the contractor through the entire construction process, providing prompts and progress tracking to make sure handover meets contractual obligations within deadlines. The actual handover process itself is then much more efficient because the digitised information can be verified much more quickly. Post-handover, the client benefits from searchable, manageable, future-proofed handover records forevermore.

Choose Zutec

Zutec’s Handover module makes handover simple for all project stakeholders forever.

  • Plan and agree handover obligations with all stakeholders before your project begins.
  • Save space with digital records.
  • Save time and money with efficient completion of handover records.
  • Notifications and schedules keep handover on track throughout construction. Avoid omissions and errors that might undermine your contractual agreements with your client.
  • Easily search and review vast amounts of data, and quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Sharable and collaborative.
  • Digital handover records cannot be lost or destroyed.
  • Access is easily managed so approved stakeholders have visibility of records.
  • Fully integrate your Zutec Handover software with other Zutec modules for a completely synchronised construction data system.
  • Zutec have over 20 years’ experience in digitising handover – we know how to make effective digital handover work for contractors and clients alike.
  • The Zutec Handover module is easy to use and scalable. Our handover software has been used on huge, iconic builds, small scale projects and everything in between.

Manage your handover through every stage of a building’s Lifecycle with Zutec Handover. Contact Zutec now for a free consultation.

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