Broadgate Park

Nottingham - United Kingdom

Broadgate Park is situated on the outskirts of Nottingham City Centre, near the small town of Beeston, directly opposite the University of Nottingham’s main Campus. 

UPP Broadgate Park comprises 2223 student accommodation rooms in 39 buildings, built over many years, and is divided up into 5 areas; Upper Court, Lower Court, Turnpike, Phase 1 and Phase 2. There are two additional buildings off site but close by. Two of the buildings are almost 200 years old, and the newest of the buildings are 13 years old. Zutec were brought into this project to complete an asset register and database for the whole Broadgate Student Accommodation Campus. 

The client wanted a complete register developed which incorporated a Condition Appraisal of the entire site – room by room, space by space and asset by asset – right down to looking at the condition of the walls and carpets, service and equipment. As these buildings were already in use the exercise for Zutec was akin to building an asset register working backwards.

Broadgate Park







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Church Lukas



SKM & Jarvis

Main Contractor

Main Contractor

Norwest Holst

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