80 Charlotte Street

London - United Kingdom

80 Charlotte Street is a mixed use development situated in Fitzrovia in London, the design is a homage to the Constructivist artists who lived in the area in the 50’s and 60’s.  Multiplex have being engaged in the design and building of the development which comprises of a nine storey mixed-use scheme compromising 321,000 sq ft of offices, 45,000 sq ft of apartments (including 10,000 sq ft of affordable housing), 14,000 sq ft of retail and a new public park.

Multiplex have engaged the Zutec platform on this project for several of their processes.  The Zutec Construction Progress Tracker was used to capture every Fit-Out Construction Activity in the building. All of the supply chain used the tool to record their Construction activity progress room by room and also attach corresponding QA documentation and As-Built dates. This granted Multiplex a real-time insight into Construction Progress vs Plan and Quality Assurance through the in-depth dashboard reporting from the Zutec Platform.

The Zutec Quality Forms and Checklists tool was used to digitize processes that were previously captured using paper, this enabled the workforce to use a more secure and efficient process to capture data. Various Quality and Compliance related checklists were created and inspections were carried out onsite using the Zutec Resolution app. Custom dashboards were also created to report on these newly digitized processes.

As with any multi million pound development, project handover is a key component in completion and the Zutec Digital O&M capturing platform was used as a collaboration tool for all subcontractors to upload all of the required handover information which is essential for a smooth handover and successful running of the building post-handover. All information uploaded was brought through a workflow and validated by the various certifiers. The Zutec Digital O&M tool provided real time reports on the handover documentation progress which enabled Multiplex to effectively track and capture all the required documentation in time for handover.

80 Charlotte Street

80 Charlotte Street Project Cost



80 Charlotte Street Project Gross Area

Gross Area

380,000 sq ft

Who Was Involved

80 Charlotte Street Project Architect


Make Architecture

80 Charlotte Street Project Services Engineer

Services Engineer


80 Charlotte Street Project Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer


80 Charlotte Street Project Main Contractor

Main Contractor





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